We believe that:

we all want better lives for ourselves and for each other

everyone has something to contribute

better solutions and outcomes happen when people, providers, and researchers work together

creators of existing products and services want to improve them for the benefit of users, given the knowledge and insights to do so

Over the coming months, we are introducing our first building blocks.

One helps us connect with, learn from, and support each other;
and the other helps us become more aware of our state of wellbeing and how it changes over time.

Jan 2019

Partner Peer

Partner Peer

Partner Peer is a platform that facilitates networks and support among peers. You can ask and answer questions anonymously, and engage in private 1:1 chats when you have more to learn from each other.

Communities can form around topics or experiences, and Leaders can step up to provide front-line knowledge and support. It’s simple yet flexible, and we’ll be learning how to make it most effective for you and your peers, together.

Feb 2019

Partner Life

Partner Life

Partner Life is our approach to help people learn about their wellbeing and how it changes over time, and to safely share that knowledge with those who want to learn about how to make products and services better for you.

This data will tell us if and how Partner Peer is affecting our lives so we can work to improve it. We’ll also be welcoming a special set of collaborators with whom you can share this data to help them improve products and services that you use. Together, we can learn about what works for us while also helping others build things that work better for everyone.

These building blocks have a few things in common.

Bot and

Designed to be available to
you wherever you go.

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Our internal
currency for life

Earn and spend wherever
you find Partner.

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Beyond experiences, to outcomes

Enabling everything, to
work better for you.

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We can’t wait to introduce you to what we’ve been building.